Exploring the many different bowl shapes that can and will suit your face. Take your pick.


Look To Try: Bowl Cut

Fall is here and we’re highlighting our favourite fall hair trends alongside the products you need to recreate them at home.

Top 4 hair trends for Fall/Winter 2023:

A bowl cut might not be your first thought for a fall hair change but Vogue said it and we aren't arguing. In their words:

We know it can be scary to take the leap and there's been a big myth around bowl cuts only suiting a certain type of face so we wanted to take a minute to showcase all the face shapes rocking it.

Bowl Cuts for Every Face Shape

A bowl cut for round faces

Use width, texture or height to shape shift.


A bowl cut for long faces

Use a strong line to break up length.


A bowl cut for oval faces

Use a longer bang to highlights your eyes and drop the focus.


A bowl cut for square faces

Use a retro round silhouette to soften the edges.


A bowl cut for heart shaped faces

Use a longer length bowl with textured edges to highlight your cheekbones.

A bowl cut for diamond faces

Use a frige and texture to alter the shape.


A bowl cut for triangle faces

Use a round fringe and texture to soften and structure the perimeter.


There's a bowl cut for everyone, all you need is an idea and the right stylist. You're just an appointment away.