A summary of this fall's runway trends to try at home. Tips, tricks and product recommendations included.


Look To Try: Wet Hair

Fall is here and we’re highlighting our favourite fall hair trends alongside the products you need to recreate them at home.

Top 4 hair trends for Fall/Winter ‘23:

Elle Canada uses the term “Plexi Realness” to describe what would usually be called a wet look but because this season’s is more about shine and malleability, it leans more towards an oily look than a stiff gel one.

This article even touts the trend as the perfect way to embrace greasy roots ;)

Here’s our product cheat sheet:

Gangsta Grip for a traditional wet look with gel.

Recoil for a more flexible wet look.

Love Perpetua for a clean greasy shine

Any hair length or texture can try this look tied up or down, take a look at our Pinterest board for this and the other fall & winter 2023 trends to come :)