Ribbon's were all the rage on this fall's runway here's the tips, tricks and product recommendations you need to recreate the look.


Look To Try: Ribbons

Fall is here and we’re highlighting our favourite fall hair trends alongside the products you need to recreate them at home.

Top 4 hair trends for Fall/Winter 2023:

Vogue has confirmed that the ribbon hair trend is bleeding into spring, which gives us the perfect excuse to get comfortable weaving ribbons into our everyday hairstyles.

This trend was featured prominently in Sandy Liang's RTW collection but also in many others. The ribbons used in this trend come in various fabrics, ranging from satin to velvet, and even cotton. It seems like the ideal time to find those DIY cropped T-shirt scraps and weave them into your hair.

If your hair is exceptionally straight and silky, consider using fabrics like velvet, cotton, or even denim to provide better grip and control. Otherwise, if you have wavy or curly hair, you can opt for silkier fabrics.

Your choice might also depend on whether you're braiding your hair or wrapping a ponytail. Regardless, experimenting with various fabric options can be a fun way to discover what works best for your specific hairstyle.

If you need more grip, here's our product cheat sheet:

Shebang-a-bang to increase grip in your braids

Miss Malleable to increase grip in a ponytail

Dry Shampoo for a a bit of grit can work well too

With a little creativity, most hair lengths and textures can try this look. Just take a peek at our Pinterest board for this and other fall/ winter 2023 trends to come :)