K18 offers strength and resilience to damaged hair. Nerd out with us about why K18 is the next best thing after Olaplex.

Immediate + Progressive Repair Damage Is now possible with K18

On the journey to your dream look, you may end up bleaching, coloring or even perming your hair. The chemical damage that ensues often gets progressively worse and sometimes hair masks alone aren't enough. If you find that your hair is still damaged, dry or breaking even after ongoing treatments, it's time to try K18.

K18 is a groundbreaking line of hair repair products that offer a revolutionary approach to hair repair and maintenance.

What is K18 exactly?

At the heart of K18’s innovation is the K18PEPTIDE™, a biotech-developed peptide engineered to mimic the natural structure of hair. This unique peptide works by reconnecting polypeptide chains and disulfide bonds that are broken during damage from bleaching, coloring, chemical treatments, and heat styling. Unlike conventional treatments that provide a temporary fix by patching only disulfide bonds, K18’s biomimetic peptide goes deeper.

K18PEPTIDE™ replicates the molecular makeup of keratin to reconnect peptide bonds, hydrogen bonds, and disulfide bonds along the entire length and width of the hair fiber. This comprehensive approach delivers true, holistic hair strength and elasticity for all hair types.

Which products should you invest in?

K18 offers a range of products formulated with the K18PEPTIDE™ to address various hair care needs. Of course the entire line is optimal, however you can start my switching out one product at a time fro your current routine or adding the mask if you don't already use one.

The PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo

Before using the K18 Molecular Repair Mask or Oil, the PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo serves as an essential first step. This detox shampoo tackles buildup and metals, creating the cleanest, healthiest hair canvas possible. It helps reduce protein loss, keeping hair feeling strong and ready for further treatment.

DAMAGE SHIELD Shampoo + Conditioner

The DAMAGE SHIELD Shampoo + Conditioner duo is perfect for daily use to protect hair from ongoing damage. Formulated with K18PEPTIDE™, these products work to maintain hair health between K18 mask days and salon appointments. They fortify hair against environmental stressors, ensuring it stays strong and vibrant.

The K18 Molecular Repair Mask

The K18 Molecular Repair products are designed to work at the innermost layers of the hair to reverse damage. By reconnecting the broken bonds, these products restore hair to its healthiest state, providing resilience and shine that lasts.

The K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil

The K18PEPTIDE™ works to address deeper-level damage that causes frizz—repairing and strengthening damage at the innermost layer of hair to reverse damage that leads to frizz. On the surface of hair, natural oils like avocado and sunflower oil, and hemisqualane and squalane nourish while smoothing frizz + flyaways to improve color vibrancy, enhance shine, and provide 450°F (232°C) heat protection.

Hair Care for All Hair Types

By mimicking the molecular structure of keratin, the K18PEPTIDE™ repairs and strengthens hair from within, providing both immediate and progressive benefits. Whether your hair is damaged from chemical treatments, heat styling, or environmental factors, K18 products are designed to restore and maintain its natural beauty and strength.

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