Introducing six of our bestselling hair products that will kickstart your hair care routine.

6 Game-Changing Products To Start Your Hair Routine

Introducing six of our bestselling hair products that will kickstart your hair care routine. From detangling sprays to curl definers, each product is designed to address specific hair concerns and prolong your favourite styles. Whether you're battling split ends or craving volume and texture, these game-changing products offer innovative solutions for every hair type and style preference. Say hello to healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair with these must-haves.

Happy Camper: Everybody’s Go-To Detangling Spray

Happy Camper does a bit of everything, which makes it the perfect starter product. If you don’t usually use hair products but want to start taking better care of your hair, this is a good place to start. It’s easy to use: spray on damp hair right out of the shower and detangle with your favourite brush. You can expect healthier, softer hair that knots less. This top-selling spray is lightweight enough to be used daily and strengthens as much as it protects.

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Head Mistress: The Antidote To Split Ends

This smoothing balm is excellent for anyone who’s hair is prone to split ends. Head Mistress promotes hair growth by closing the cuticles, making them less likely to break off. It’s lightweight enough for fine hair, helping your brush glide through tangles instead of getting stuck. This moisturizing balm protects and strengthens hair all in one.

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Love touch: All-In-One Spray for Softness, Shine and Scent

If the nostalgic scent of watermelon isn’t enough, then the incredible frizz-fighting shine of this lightweight oil should convince you. Use it to smooth out frizzy blowdries or add shine to matte curls between washes. Love Touch provides a light mist of scent and softness for lasting shine. You might find yourself using it just for the smell of it ;)

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Root Canal: The Top Volumizing Spray for Root Lift

Do you blow dry for volume, but it always falls flat? Look no further than Root Canal for a lightweight body and hold. Perfect for fine to medium hair, this root lifting spray will support the volume, body and shape you blow dry into it. If you are going to put the work in, mind as well make it last ;)

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Total Recoil: Bestselling Curl Definer for All Hair Types

Waves, curls, and coils can all benefit from this added hydration and definition. Total Recoil is an all-in-one cream that is easy to work with. Whether you're starting your curly hair journey or have been using the curly girl method for years, you won’t be disappointed with this versatile product. Apply it to damp hair and air dry or diffuse.

Fight frizz and define your curls with the Evo curl line.

Macgyver: Add Texture Where There is None

Fake it ‘til you make it with this texturizing mousse. Macgyver is for medium to thick hair that’s too flat or lifeless for your personality. Avoid hot tools. Use this mousse on damp hair and air dry or diffuse it for added texture! A little goes a long way, so less is more.

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