Find out the ins and outs of Rëzo Cutting. Who needs a Rëzo Cut and why it's beneficial.


A curly hair-cutting technique that increases volume & definition without removing length

If you have wavy or curly hair, you've probably lived the nightmare of asking for a trim and leaving with a bob. Or worse, a stylist using the hair straightener to "make sure" it's even!

We recommend finding a Curl Specialist to avoid these all-too-common mishaps. Curly specialists are trained in the many different techniques needed to work with curls and not against them.

APART Resident Stylists are comfortable working with most hair textures; however, we highlight a specialized technique called Rëzo  Cuts today. Earlier this year, Marianne trained with the Rëzo Academy to service not just waves and curls but a full range of textures. Curl patterns 2a to 4c, to be exact.

You can find your curl pattern here.

What is a Rëzo cut?

A Rezo cut is a specialized technique for curly and textured hair that increases volume, defines your curl pattern and allows you to customize your desired silhouette. The technique was developed by Nubia Su and focuses creating customized shapes and layers that complement the unique patterns of curly hair. Ultimately providing a tailored and flattering look that unique to you.

Who should get a Rëzo cut?

You should try a Rëzo Cut if you've already seen curl specialists but still aren't getting your desired results. Rëzo Cuts boost your volume and help better define your curl pattern. They are great for anyone with wavy or curly hair who appreciates low-maintenance styling between cuts.

How much does it cost?

A Rëzo Cut is usually more expensive than a regular haircut because the training and time it takes to learn is costly. The Rezo Cut service itself also takes longer than your average haircut. For example, our Rezo Cut Specialist, Marianne, Takes up to 3 hours for a Rezo Cut, while a classic cut can take just 1. Her price range for a Rëzo cut is 100-150$.

How do you care for your Rezo cut?

You may need to change how you style your hair at home and what products you use. Because this technique enhances curl definition and volume, your stylist will help you choose the appropriate products and styling techniques for your cut. Ensure you are ready to invest a bit of time and money in changing your routine. This cut grows out well, so it's worth the investment. You may need maintenance every 3-6 months to maintain the desired volume. Inquire with your stylist.

We love encouraging our clients to embrace their natural hair texture. A Rëzo Cut takes it one step further by putting your curls and volume on full display.

Book a Rëzo Cut with Marianne to experience the difference.