Born in Seattle, our curl specialist Marianne sat with me to chat about what keeps her in Montreal, her favourite spots and even some aspirational creative goals.

We met Marianne at Edmond Cafe on a rainy day in May.

She ordered an oat milk latte with a potato frittata and told me that if we’d shown up earlier she would have gotten the olive and rosemary focaccia but it’s always sold out at this time.

She comes here because it is close to home with her favourite coffee. (De Mello Coffee) Which is perfectly balanced in her opinion.

The yummy food and stylish workers are just the cherry on top!

Marianne quickly admitted she had no idea what I was interviewing her for, so we got right to it!

Where were you born?

Seattle! But my Quebecois parents decided to move back here when I was 4/5 years old. We moved to Magog and I eventually went to study in Sherbrooke.

What brought you to Montreal?

I came for hair school! But I ended up with more than just hair skills, I found myself here. Discovered my personality, my style, and people like me. I love that this city is so open-minded and we are all free to be however we choose.

Describe your perfect day off:

I’d wake up naturally around 9:30ish. Have coffee and ideally it would be summer so I'd go to Piknic Electronik to dance in the sun!

Do you have any creative practices outside of work?

Not right now but I would love to learn to sew, I'd like to upcycle clothing.

Describing herself as a bubbly, creative, and a go with the flow person, she told us she started playing with her personal style as young as 5 years old. She was getting in trouble for changing her outfit multiple times a day. And while she doesn’t change her outfit as much now, her style does evolve daily, showing the multiple sides of her personality and creativity.

Why did you choose to work at APART?

The team is insanely passionate. I am so motivated by their skills and talent. It’s hard not to be inspired here. It’s truly a salon for everyone, the ambiance is laid back and I truly could never go back to working in a typical salon now. You just can’t compete with this place.

What do you do on your lazy days?

Binge Netflix for sure!

If you had to live anywhere else where would you live?

Probably Portugal, South of France or Hawaii…somewhere with lots of sun!

See more of Marianne's favourite Montreal spots to eat, drink and shop HERE or book an appointment with her for a new look!