By following the routines and tips outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to achieving defined, and frizz-free curls.

APART’s Guide to Curly Hair: Routines + Must Have Products

One of our favourite things here at APART is helping clients embrace their natural curl pattern. Clients often struggle to get their waves and curls under control, ending up with frizz and irregular curl patterns instead. The truth is, taking care of curly hair isn’t that hard, it just takes a few specific steps. So let’s get into it.

What is the best routine for curly hair?

A good curly hair routine starts in the shower.  Thicker hair should opt for a co-wash like Evo’s Heads Will Roll which cleans without dehydrating. If you have finer, oilier hair, Spring Clean is our go to. It cleans a little deeper but still doesn’t strip the hair completely.

Outside the shower, it’s important to NOT wrap your hair in a towel right away. Instead use an old T-shirt or microfiber towel to squeeze out excess water. Then apply a leave-in like Baby Got Bounce to hydrate. Gently separate your hair with your fingers or a comb and apply a Curl Definer like Liquid Rollers or Total Recoil. You can also combine both for ultra control.

It’s important to apply the curl products on very wet hair.

A big mistake people often make is that they over dry their hair with the towel before applying the product. It may sound counter intuitive, but applying it on wet hair actually works better. Why? Because it disperses the product more evenly from root to tip. When you use products on partially dried hair, it gives partial results…The dried sections end up frizzy and the wet sections end up a little crispy.

There are 2 golden rules with curly hair.

  1. Brush your hair BEFORE you get in the shower (on wash days)
  2. Always apply curl products on VERY wet hair

If all you take from this article is this, you are bound to benefit!

How to keep curls fresh between washes

  1. Mist hair with a spray water bottle
  2. Re-apply a small amount of your curl definer
  3. Scrunch up & let air dry

How Often Should I wash my curly hair?

If possible, once a week is best. More may dry it out and less may leave it heavy.

How to keep my curls from drying out?

Curly hair is naturally dryer. There are a few easy ways to keep it hydrated.

  1. Use a mask instead of a conditioner. Mane Tamer is a great one for thick hair and The Great Hydrator for finer hair.
  2. Use an oil or serum AFTER your leave in conditioner. We suggest Love Touch (fine hair) or Love Perpetua (thick hair). Oils and serums SEAL moisture in ;)
  3. Stay away from heat. The blowdryer and hot tools are most guilty of stripping hair of its moisture.

Embracing and caring for curly hair is all about understanding its unique needs and using the right techniques and products. By following the routines and tips outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to achieving defined, and frizz-free curls. Remember, the key is consistency and practice. At APART, we're here to support you on your curly hair journey, If you want some hands on help, book an appointment with one of our stylists!