We are low key obsessed with Yasmine, our resident alternative braider so we sat with her in her to chat about Montreal, creativity and how she got started.

We met Yasmine in Rosemont so she could bring us to her favourite park. The one where she came up with her “what’s in your head, on your head” project.

Where are you from ?

Côte-des-Neiges! I grew up in Ville St-Laurent though. I went to a public school that was so multi-cultural that I was the only Quebecois person there actually. I would say that I am Lebanese & Quebecois though.

What keeps you in Montreal?

I love the accessibility of the city, I really enjoy biking. I'm probably one of those bikers that drivers complain about!

What’s your perfect day off like?

I am someone who definitely must get out of my house. I’d mostly chill with friends but now we are all adults with schedules and it’s harder to find the time. But if I could chose, I’d do that.

"I usually need to find an objective with my day. I often work a bit, look at photos, make videos or plan photoshoots. There's are no day off when you are creative person!"

What’s your go to food?

It’s probably boring but I like healthy food, probably sushi or a poke bowl!

Fav places to shop?

I love my area because there are all these foreign grocers with fun snacks you never heard of and I love trying new stuff there.

How long have you been braiding?

6 years but 4 years professionally.

She proceeded to tell me how she came to braiding by way of her friends. Growing up most of her friends braided each others hair and it’s a whole day thing. It starts by going together to buy hair (extensions) and then going back home and taking the whole day to get it done. Naturally at some point she wanted to help. So instead of just sitting there and chatting she said "Hey, show me how and I’ll help you."

What kicked off your professional path?

Well I did a cool braid pattern on my friend who had a boxing match and from there I started being asked by other fighters to do their hair and eventually this barbershop asked me if i'd braid in their shop.

That's pretty brave, did you get any push back?

Honestly I didn’t care, like I grew up understanding quickly that you decide whether or not you let someone make fun of you or bring you down.

You seem pretty detail oriented and not afraid of trying new things, were you always this way?

Growing up I went to an alternative school that really taught me how to be autonomous and how to make projects happen. That really set me up for independence and I’ve used the skills I learnt there since. So yeah shout out to ecole alternative johnathan!

Find out more about Yasmine by booking an appointment or check out their socials to see all the fun styles they are creating!