Our latest brand obsession Evo is disrupting the hair industry by putting people first and marketing more than just products.


The Beauty Industry Disrupters

Not only is their branding on point but their message is clear: Evo is not you're average hair company.

With a mission statement as bold as saving ordinary humans from themselves, it's obvious they're after more than just a slice of market share.

Evo utilizes their marketing campaigns to communicate their stance on global issues instead of trying to convince us the solution to our problems is in a a bottle of shampoo. They truly have independent thinkers at the heart of their brand.

Their current Unlimited campaign is all about embracing individuality and praising personalities that go beyond imposed limitations. Don't Buy It was their previous message which was calling us all to scale back on consumption because beauty is abundant, not in a bottle.

We've yet to see other brands take as strong a stance on global issues. This is why we were happy to partner with them on their Quebec launch.

And it's not just talk in their marketing. They are also taking action where they can.

"Evo recently pulled out of hosting an event in Nashville because of the states political stance against the LGBTQ+ community. That was just one of the many reasons I'm proud to be working with this company." - MJ

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