A chat with Vincent about who inspired him take hair as a career path and where he gets his inspiration from.


Between sips of Earl Grey and Batman movies, Vincent chatted with us over Zoom to discuss the people and things that keep him inspired. From his favourite books and artists to what influenced him to become the multifaceted creative he is today.

Describe your typical Monday

A big prep day! Journal, do laundry and care for my plants and groceries. Then work, and communicate with clients to get ready for the week!

Tell me about your different creative outlets.

I like to design objects, I’m releasing more hats soon and would like to have my site up and running by the end of the year with a handful of creative projects.

Where do you get the most inspiration?

My content intake is high, all over the place, Instagram, books, magazines, I read a lot. I get inspired when I run too, it’s like a melting pot for everything I consume, all my ideas come together.

How’d you get into hair?

A woman who lived in my building was a hairdresser, she worked in her studio and chilled with her dog all day. It seemed like such a chill lifestyle. I admired how she was able to be herself all day. She both inspired and encouraged me to pursue hair as a career.

“What’s great about working in a creative field is that the more you are yourself, the more people you attract. My clients are like me: artists and creative self-driven people. We like to talk about projects and whatever we have going on. It’s almost like a guru coaching thing; I give my perspective and advice, it’s a fun relationship.”

Were you always great with people ?

Yeah, I have a lot of customer service experience, it helped me get used to talking to new people, not being shy and I was used to working in a tip industry. Working in photography really helped me market myself too. Barbershop photos usually cringe and have no personality so I was sure to avoid that.

When I started, I was so excited to do funky cuts and mullets. But now I am more excited about normal cuts and the wide variety of looks my clients ask for."

Who are some of your creative idols?

So many, I'm a huge Basquiat Fan, Salvador Dali and Monet. Honestly, the story behind the water lily’s painting really inspired me. Monet wanted to paint nature, he sold enough paintings to buy a property so he could just paint his own garden forever. I loved the idea that you can create a life for yourself from your art and do what you want every day.

Tell us about some of your favourite books

Just Kids by Patti Smith - It’s a viewpoint into a fantastic art period. Creativity pre-internet, when artists had more downtime to just think.

The Dharma Bums by Jack Carawack - The main character, Daffy, reminds me of my best friend, who wants to live life to the fullest. He’s all about adventures, I’m an overthinker, so I spend a lot of time planning. But it’s aspirational for me to become a little more freestyle.

Walk Across America - It’s in the 80s, and it’s about walking from NYC to LA to discover the real people in the country, as opposed to media representation. I’m very social yet introverted, often alone in self-reflection. So it’s a fun read to feel social.

Apartemento magazine! I love seeing eclectic people's homes, so much inspiration to be found.

Favourite places to go out in mtl?

Nouveau Palais - First move here, homey, cozy, shitty dinner vibe, good burgers, good wine!

Bohême - On Saint Viateur, the lady reminds me of my mom.

Cafe Saint-Henri at Jean Talon Market great to people watch!

Système MTL is a great place for pre-drinks.

and I also love the North side of the mountain, watch the sunset and see where night takes us.

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