We sat with Jeremy to chat about girls, Wilde Cutting Club and his online persona.


We were invited to interview Jeremy at IDLE, a moto cafe that happened to be closed. So we took a few photos and headed to Le Roi du Smoked Meat around the corner… a vibe switch that felt funny but relevant.

So why Idle?

It's a chill spot to hang out with the biking community. Share interests and work on my bike.

Have you always been into community?

Honestly, until mid-high school, I loved being a loner. I loved being in my personal space and geeking on video games or comic books. I was always creating a world in my head. But when I got a bit older…around puberty, I liked meeting girls and doing stuff. I wanted to socialize outside of school, go to pool parties…Girls were the draw, I was obsessed with girls.

Hahaha…So you were the male Barbie, you were Ken?

Actually, I had a bunch of Barbies, I always liked girly shit, makeup fashion… Bratz had a motorcycle and would bring Barbies on dates.

That is so adorable, did you ever get made fun of for being girly?

Honestly, my parents were chill and supportive. They encouraged whatever. I was always into fashion and quite a flamboyant kid.

Did you also have close guy friends?

Yeah, I love both female and male energy.

So what was it about girls you liked?

I was never a sports kid, my friends were all hockey players and into sports and gladiators…I wasn't connecting with dudes as a kid because I wasn’t into sports and roughness.

What made you open Wilde Cutting Club?

I worked in a lot of barber shops, it was always a factory vibe. In & out, the service was not there. And I started getting frustrated that I couldn’t take my work further because there was never enough time.

Jeremy grew up around his dad, who has his own company and always wanted to create one of his own.  We talked about how business is just another form of creating. It’s a physical manifestation of the creator. But he admitted that he was young, just 24 and didn’t know himself enough. Having a vision but not a clear one made it hard to sustain long-term. It ended up a boys club, and at some point he just realized, this wasn’t it.

Do you think your values changed?

Maybe, I mean, standing out has always been important to me and I just realized It was really hard to stand out when everyone has the same approach or specialty. Honestly, when I built Wilde, I forgot to keep my values in mind. I didn’t mean to exclude anyone but inadvertently, i did. Once I realized, I started changing shit.

“APART was the only place I could see my values in action, I knew right away when I was going to close that I’d work here.”

What was it that made you “know”

Inclusivity, variety, everyone is expanding their creativity. Sure, I want to be the golden retriever..friends with everyone, but I want to create looks I’m proud of too.

There’s a difference between your day-to-day self and what we see online. Was it always this way?

When I first started using socials, I showed more of my personality, I was bubbly…but over time, I stopped giving a shit. I realized people just want to see badass people who are cool. Like all my idols are “hard” people… I stopped caring and decided my online life would be separate from real life.

We know you are at home body but where are your fav places to go out in MTL?

Entre Deux NDG is a cafe wine & restaurant bar that is super fun and chill.

GIA - Mediterranean in St Henri

Courcelle for a good dive bar vibe.

Palmo Goods & La Caravan Vintage for shopping.

Cafe Bravo for good coffee!

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