A chat with Vince about anime, music and the perfect day.

MEET Vince

We walked with Vince to Americano Cafe on Mount Royal to chat about how he got into hair and who he is when he's not at work.

How are you doing today?

Great, life is great.

Ah yeah, what’s a perfect day for you?

A great day would be waking up early, going to the gym. I’m a big brunch guy, so I’d probably meet friends at Caribou Gourmand. Listen to music for sure, I can’t spend a day without it, then I’d finish my day with my girlfriend at home, cooking some home made food.

He went on to tell us that he's also a big Anime guy. Currently into Jujutsu Kaisen but his favourite of all time is  Cowboy Bebop. He loves that it's in the future, but still deals with very human themes.

What made you want to do hair as a career?

Honestly, it was Jeremy. I went to his hair salon and at some point he asked me to be a model for a hair show and seeing the other side of the industry was super inspiring.

Would you say you’re more introverted or?

Yeah, I’m definitely introverted by nature and very picky about the people I let into my inner circle.

What would be a career goal of yours?

Definitely to work over seas, like at a pop up in Tokyo or Soho, that would be THE dream.

Who’s work do you admire?

@wellness_barbershop … it’s always flawless.

If you didn’t do hair what would you do?

Definitely something with music. I can play a few instruments and I make my own songs. I actually put a few songs on Spotify under an alias for fun.

What? That’s sick! Maybe we’ll take a deep dive and try to find you…

Hahah, have luck trying, I put a different city and made sure it would be really hard to find.

Ok, last but not least what’s your go to Montreal Recommendations?

Ile Bazzali - Great italian food

Americano or Atomic Cafe for good coffee

Blind Pig for cheap 3$ beers

Palmo Goods for vintage

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