Incredibly passionate about the art of foiling, Nicole's meticulous attention to detail shines in her work. Outside the salon she enjoys quiet moments knitting or delving into crime podcasts. Find out more about her quiet passions in this little chat.


We met a few blocks up from APART Studio, at Dispatch Coffee on Saint-Laurent. Nicole is one of our newest freelancers, so it was nice to have the time to chat and get to know each other a little deeper. She came from her second job, which is helping out her BF with his business.

“In life I like variety, the only place I am hyper focused is doing hair. That’s where I just zone in and enjoy my big days of foiling nonstop.”

Were you always into highlights? When did you decide to specialize?

Yeah, actually I was always into highlights, I wanted nothing to do with short hair. I just genuinely love long luscious natural looking hair.

Don’t be surprised if she gets super quiet during your foiling set. Nicole told us she loves being able to hyper focus on her micro-highlights (her specialty). Creating seamless blends takes a lot of precision so don’t be surprised if she gets mad quiet during her foil application. She’s motivated by the end result and delivering clients the hair of their dreams.

A lot of stylists do balayage, what makes yours different?

My technique, I am very methodical and I don’t take chances or cut corners. I always do babylights, it’s worth the extra time.

Who are you outside of work? What do you get up to?

Honestly, I hang out with some friends or my mini family that’s just my bf and I plus our 2 dogs. These days I am focusing more on myself. I am quite happy alone. Knitting or doing artsy stuff in my home. I like working with my hands so knitting has been a fun way to pass time creatively.

Are you into Netflix or Podcasts?

Yeah, actually, I love crime podcasts, Rotten Mango is one. Otherwise I like Bob’s Burgers, or this time travelling show on Netflix called Dark.

How’d you get into hair?

Actually my friend was signing up for hair school and I kind of tagged along not knowing exactly what i was getting into. My parents weren’t super happy about the choice until they saw that it actually was something i was passionate about.

If you weren’t doing hair what would you do?

Hands down, criminal psychology. Criminals fascinate me. I’m a big empath, whether good or bad.

I left a lot of salons because of how they treat others. I like to help others. However I learnt over time that I am very direct and need to work on my softness because not everyone can handle my directness. I used to let people walk all over me but have since learnt to express myself better. Realizing the importance of communication. From hanging out with older people and having more intellectual conversations It helped me come more into myself.

What are your longterm career goals?

I’d love to open my own salon one day. In the meantime maybe teach or be an ambassador for a hair brand.

What are your favourite Montreal spots?

Restaurants Tiradito and Chifa in Old Port are personal favourites

I like La Capitale for tacos

Ibericos for paella

Brunch: Passé Compose

and for Coffee Campanelli

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