Enjoy an easier morning routine with these three easy dry shampoo hacks.

Embracing the coldest months of winter often means lingering a bit longer in the warmth of your bed each morning. Discover these three application techniques to speed up your morning routine and boost your volume.

1. Apply Before Bed For a Speedy Morning

Apply dry shampoo on freshly blow-dried hair before bed. Doing so, will prevent any overnight swear or oils from weighing you down. Our favourite dry shampoo - Water Killer, absorbs excess oil and adds volume, allowing you to enjoy your blowout a little longer. Just remember the always spray from 8 inches away. If you are left with any residue, you can brush or blow dry through for a seamless finish.

2. Apply Post-Gym For a Volume Boost

If you often end up with wet hair after your yoga or gym session, you may be surprised to know that sweat is mostly just water and salt! Instead of opting for an entire wash and dry, most people can get away with dry shampoo and a quick blow dry.  This technique not only eliminates excess oil but also adds a boost of volume.

3. Apply From Root to Tip for Added Texture

Dry shampoo isn't just for roots – it's a versatile product that can add both texture and volume from root to tip. Fine hair that often falls limp, can benefit from using dry shampoo all over. It will not only boost volume when brushed through but increase hold and texture.

To make the most out of these hacks, a boar bristle brush or round brush and blowdryer are key. A blowdryer helps distribute the dry shampoo evenly, while the boar bristle brush ensures a smooth and polished finish. Always remember to spray from 8 inches away to avoid a white cast.

In summary, dry shampoo can save you time, boost volume, texturize and prolong your style between washes.