A chat with Miel in studio about her creative evolution from basic backpacker to creative hairstylist.


How would you describe yourself?

Bubbly & colorful! A little person with a lot of ideas!

Have you always been so creative?

Yes, when I was little I always wanted to invent things. I wanted to make edible scotch tape, so my fajitas wouldn’t fall apart!!

Describe your journey with self expression

It really started from the bottom, haha! I used to dress more basic, trying to fit in. And then as I got older, I really prioritized travelling, so I kept a minimal amount of stuff. Only more recently I discovered my passion for color after the pandemic when I was forced to sit still in Montreal. My first love was pastel colors.

What made you want to become a hair stylist?

My mom was a hairstylist for 18 years actually and I hadn't considered it as an option because I wanted to build a business around community. I worked on the plan but the pandemic killed the possibility. I was stuck at home and naturally drawn to changing my hair. At some point I had an appointment at APART and I was having my hair washed and it just hit me, I told my stylist at the time “ I think I wanna do hair” 3 days later I was signed up.

How would you describe this phase of your career?

Fucking crazy!! In all the ways, like it’s going well but it’s a lot of new and a lot of learning.

What brings you the most joy, in life and in work?

In life, lately, very strong relationships with my friends. Spending time together or just sending each other podcasts and voice memo. Behind closed doors, pimple popping videos, dancing and cuddling my dog!

If you had to recommend some local gems to a tourist in Montreal, where would you send them?

Brunch Chez Jose

Then stroll up Boulevard Saint Laurent, from APART all the way to Laurier, hitting all the the Vintage shops on the way.

Finishing with a Mile-End tour! 5$ Gnocchi at Drogeria Fine, bagel competition (Fairmount vs Saint Viateur), Pizza Toni

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