A chat with Arlo about raves, identity and of course their favorite Montreal spots!


We sat with our gentle rave-loving apprentice to chat about who they are outside of work. What they love about dancing through the night and how they've changed in the last few years.

Tell us a fun fact about you...

I was born in Russia, but adopted here in Quebec!

How did you fall so in love with raves?

When I discovered techno, I started going to Datcha a lot to dance and I fell in love with the crowd. Eventually going to raves and loving the variety of people I met there. A lot of people in the rave scene are also activists, and the history of nightlife is very queer which really helped me come into myself. The dance floor is a safe space to express whoever you are or want to be without judgment.

How has being in a rave scene affected your self-expression?

It’s helped me understand more about human connection and become more comfortable in my skin. It moved me to accept myself as a non-binary trans person, and going clubbing alone helped me develop a self-confidence I never had.

How would you describe who you were before raves and after?

Growing up, I always felt like the black sheep; I went to a private school and grew up around a strict, upper-class heteronormative family. That made me very existential. But now I’m much more introspective and have a much more positive outlook on life.

After Berlin, I learned to love myself for who I am, I stopped giving a fuck, and thanks to my chosen family, I feel accepted for who I am.”

What's a common misconception people have about you?

That I'm tough!! But really it’s just my aesthetic. I’m a Sagittarius but all I want to do is make people laugh!

"With clients, I think my softness reassures people. They often open up to me and it becomes like a therapy session.  I love sharing books, movies, playlists, and anything really. I love letting people express themselves freely.”

Have you always been a people person?

Yeah, I love getting to know clients and building a relationship. I'm one of those weird people who actually like saying hi to people I know on the street!

Where do you like to go out in Montreal?

Champs, I love since it’s been queer-ified.

I’m often at Darling, lots of time spent there over the years.

Nouvelle Establishment is fun at night!

And lately, I’ve been shopping at Common Sort.

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