We welcomed Tiff to the studio to chat about work, MJ, APART and other Montreal gems.


We met Tiff in the studio to talk about who she is, what she does and how she became #PeopleofAPART.

What do you do for work?

I'm the senior product manager for Cortex. I've been working there since about 2020!

I love working in startups because there’s more autonomy and it’s less traditional. Working towards a big goal while collectively having no idea how you’re gunna get there adds to the fun. I just like figuring it out along the way.

How did you meet MJ?

We met through my friend Ale who worked for Redken. He kept saying "you have to meet MJ they're so cool!" So I booked an appointment when they were working at Unlistd actually. It's kind of a funny story... It was 420 and I was anxious AF because I was a bit too high. I didn't realize how intimate the place was.

OMG, did your hair turn out ok?

Hahaha yes, Thankfully the cut turned out great!

What makes a good haircut for you?

Whenever I feel like a version of myself.

So how’d you become #PeopleofAPART?

I was harassing MJ for a cut while they were getting APART ready, welcoming me in during the renovations. We were friends by then so I showed up with a bottle of CAVA and gave all the emotional support I could. I even helped them paint!

Tiff went on about how they came by so often the whole team knew her. Even referring many people to APART. She was inspired by the specific vibe MJ was curating. She's since made some of our playlists and even taken photos for past events.

Do you feel like the new APART is a pivot from the original?

I don't see a pivot, only growing. MJ is making more grown up decisions but keeping the same playfulness...Just refining the vision over time.

“I’ve met a lot of insane big dreamers with unattainable goals and I’d say MJ have a tendency to flirt with these ideals. When we first met I wasn’t sure we would fit. But now with time, we’ve gotten closer. I've had the privilege of seeing MJ's more vulnerable side. They're one of my closest friends. We’re each others cheerleaders.”

Name some other local spots you love?

Oh man, I'm a food lover and it might be biased because a lot of my favourite spots are my friends places.

Isn't that quintessential Montreal though? Spill!!

Ok...Tinc Set wine bar for sure, they have a sister restaurant called Alma that's good too. Le Toasteur is a great brunch spot in Villeray and ohh, hands down Serrano! Their chicken sandwich is mmmm!!!

What about on a fancier note?

Salle Climatisée for sure!

What's your current go-to chill spot?

Plongoire ! It's free pool on Sunday & Monday, cozy chill vibes!

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