A quick chat with Lou about Camas & how it started.


Arriving to Cafe Camas on a sunny August day, we took the elevator up to the second floor. It felt exclusive yet approachable.

You’re Lou right? Tell me a bit about yourself.

Haha, yeah! Hmm…I'm 22, French is my first language, and you could say I’m a bon vivant, very social.

How’d you become a cafe owner?

To be honest I never thought I would be but this opportunity came to us. Sam, Matt and I  started brainstorming for fun just thinking  “what if” and then we realized it was actually viable. I was in school full time studying industrial design but decided to take a chance on this. It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What is Cafe Camas?

The original goal was to have a wine bar, speakeasy vibes but it wasn’t possible. So we worked with what could be, combining my passions for music, people and arts. We went for a community focused cafe. We promote local art, cater events and host our own as well.

Cafe Camas is really cozy. Being on the second-floor makes it very luminous and special. It feels like we’re in a really well decorated apartment. Lou told us more about how not being on the ground floor has it’s challenges but makes the community factor even more important.

What was your main motivator to do things differently?

Honestly music, I hate the music in most cafes.

What makes you a #PeopleofAPART?

I found APART through social media, I always found the vibe super cool. Emily who does marketing for us was pitching collabs with local barbershops and then we thought of APART.

Are you from Montreal?

Born n raised!

Share with us some of your other favourite spots in mtl?

Osmo - Full package!

Sans Soleil - The sound, the vibes.

Fleur & Cadeaux - Music, interior design, food, everything is very well made.

La Rama - Record shop & my personal mentor.

Pastel Rita - Super good coffee and their kitchen set up is insane.

Bar a flot - Great wine!

I really love places that are healthily obsessed with their craft.

Find more of our favourite spots here on our Google Maps List or check out Cafe Camas for your next coffee date.