Taylor welcomed us to their cozy bedroom for a neuro-spicy interview that expanded on much broader topics than our Montreal focused questions.

We were welcomed to Taylor's room for a cozy and intimate chat about what brought them to Montreal.

Taylor is inspired by Anime, drag queens and all their beautiful queer friends. It started when they were a scene kid. Then coming out as bisexual when they were 12, and at 19 they learned that non binary was a thing. You’d have no idea looking at them that they had a preppy Hollister phase in high school.

How'd you get out of the Hollister phase?

A few experiments with psychedelics made me realize I wasn’t living my truth.

Where are you from originally?

Prospect, Nova Scotia!

What brought you to Montreal?

I’m gay.

Taylor told us their queer journey started with an androgynous phase, cutting all their hair off and rejecting their femininity. But they've come a long way since then.

"I actually don’t hate my femme side anymore. I embrace both extremes and all the in between. I no longer feel the need to prove my queerness. I know my identity is valid."

How has Montreal helped you fulfill your gayness?

Gender expression is more fluid here. I get to be my full self.

When did you get here?

I got here a bit before the pandemic, I did sex work and hair to get by and funny enough balancing those two is what helped me realize how much I love hair. Helping people transform is my favourite thing in the world.

What keeps you here?

The people I met, continue to meet and all the people I have yet to know.

What do you think the link is between how we express our identity and how we feel inside?

I believe it’s all about reducing shame. If your shame is no longer valid than it removes the barriers we put on ourselves.

What are some things that helped you denounce your self imposed shame?

Sex work, posing nude for artists, understanding that society wants us to feel shame because it’s how they control us. That’s why I love helping people transform into their ideal selves. Validating the vision they have of themselves is like the sweetest gift.

We could talk about these topics for ages but we had to pivot back to the assigned questions.

Where do you shop?

I love shopping from my friends!

Where do you go to escape?

To my friend Riley's. She took me in in Nova Scotia. She makes me chowder, she feels like home.

Why do you like working at APART?

Never felt so comfortable being creative, the team is so fucking inspiring, I work amongst idols. I look over and I’m like what the fuck. Kei is amazing, MJ is amazing.  I could list them all.

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