A strawberry matcha chat with Kei over at Nous Sommes Cafe where we chatted about Toronto vs Montreal and creativity.


Our weird hair specialist

We met Kei around the corner from APART at NOUS SOMMES Cafe where we got to taste their favourite order...Strawberry Matcha. And yes, it's as yummy as it looks!

How would you describe the type of hair that you do?

Fun!? I love things that are weird, classic too but my favourite is when my clientele bring their ideas but they’re open to suggestions so I can kinda push their idea a little further.

Career wise do you have any goals or dreams?

I would love to work abroad, guest spotting at other studios or in Pop-ups.

You like to stay busy and do a variety of things don’t you?

Yes, 100% yes. For creativity it’s good. I like to have a bunch of different forms of things I’m creative at. It’s nice to use different parts of your brain.

Tell me about the different parts of your creativity!

I do hair in studio, some E-commerce photoshoots, but more chilled n laid back. I love doing creatives (photoshoots), thats when things get fun, you get to start from a blank slate and build from scratch.

What was your first impression of APART?

I loved the feeling of coming up the stairs, not knowing where you are going and then suddenly BAM, you open the door and it’s a whole new world. The bright airyness of the space and vibe wise it’s just really fun. Right off the bad, this is the kind of place i would like to start working at.

You moved from Toronto right after hair school, what made u wanna stay?

Yeah, I just wanted to try something different. It was fun, I met so many people too.

You can tell a lot in a city by how people walk around. Toronto it’s straight and focused, on a mission. Here people are kind of just wandering around.

Where do you find hair inspo?

Just in my head really, Certain cuts give me inspo for others. Other stylists, game characters too. I’m not much of a gamer but the characters and their mods are exciting. Working for folio and SSENSE as well.

Since being in Montreal, what are a few of your favourite spots?

I don’t go out to eat unless with friends TBH and my friends are the ones with the lists but a few places come to mind:

Cafe Kahera- egyptian street food

Sushi Momo - Vegan sushi, can't go wrong

Art Mur - free admission art studio with a cool curation

Renaissance and Value Village in Hochelaga.

L’esco bar - life music.

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